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European Institute for International Economic Relations



International Wuppertal Colloquium on "Sustainable Growth, Resource Productivity and Sustainable Industrial Policy - Recent Findings , New Approaches for Strategies and Policies"


Conference Venue: Uni Gästehaus / Guest house,  Rainer-Gruenter-Str. 3, 42119 Wuppertal.


The international colloquium shall bring together top experts on sustainable growth and sustainable resource management. It aims to analyse the contribution of increasing resource productivity to sustainability. Having a focus on economics, the international colloquium shall also cover the technological, the environmental and the international dimensions. The number of participants and presentations is strictly limited in order to facilitate high-level academic discussion.


The international colloquium shall take place in 2009 and 2010; a first colloquium has taken place in 2008. The three colloquia accompany a large research project on Material Efficiency & Conservation of Resources which is coordinated by the Wuppertal Institute with some 30 partners on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Environment. While the first international colloquium intended to assemble the state of the art, this years colloquium shall discuss issues such as


* System innovation,

* Leapfrogging,

* Rebound effects,

* International market development.

It is conducted in timely conjunction with the World Resources Forum in Davos, Switzerland*. The 2010 colloquium will conclude on options for a sustainable industrial policy at an international scale. A publication is under preparation.


For further questions please don't hesitate to contact Mr. Deniz Erdem (erdem{at}


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Bleischwitz I, Bleischwitz II

Bretschger I, Bretschger II

Crowson I, Crowson II

Dagiliute I, Dagiliute II




Kemp, Kemp II

Lutz I, Lutz II




Walz I, Walz II


Windsprenger Ott


Zhang 1, Zhang 2



More information about the 1st International Wuppertal Colloquium.


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